Vinarija Mulatsak Logo
Nothing but natural ciders and fruit pétillant naturels
out of Southern Burgenland / Austria

 We have always enjoyed drinking wine.
So one day we started do make wine, or let’s say we tried to.
After we have evolved over the years, our idea has also evolved to finally go public with it.
We don’t reinvent things. We do what we feel like doing. We want to maintain and create things
that are fun. Now we want to bring that fun into your glass.

We are Vinarija Mulatsák and we give you what you have always needed:

No additives, no filtration, no degorgement –
nothing but wild fermented fruits and vegs

Releasing our first bottles in summer 2021!


A few years ago we planted vines ourselves and started making wine in small quantities. During these years we have tried and experimented a lot – especially with fruit and vegetables from our own garden. We really liked the results, so right after the first sips we all knew what we wanted to do: Let’s make natural ciders and fruit pétillant naturels.

We come from a place where there are a lot of old orchards. Also, this place is located in an area from where a lot of young people move away to bigger cities and rarely come back. These gardens feel that too. We no longer wanted to see all the fruit fall to the floor and rot. We didn’t want these gardens to be forgotten. We also did not want all the precious things to be forgotten which grow unnoticed in the forest and on the meadows in our hometown.

All of this made us want to start something with these treasures. We wanted to bottle the nature we grew up with. This is what we wanted to do and this is what we’ve been doing since 2020.

In the meantime, the grapes from our vineyard became part of a very special collaboration at the right time with the right people. This project is called „Konsorten“ – with two other winegrowers, we bring this wine into bottles together.